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What I am assuming is happing is, the pullup resistor pulls the road higher (give is electric power, so it ought to examine +5VDC), the TCCM will pull a person, or even more (could possibly be combos for various modes, I don’t genuinely know) of your signal strains small to point the mode into the encoder motor which, consequently, moves the transfer situation accordingly. Again, I’m engaged on some presumptions below.

She couldn’t get it to work thereafter. I found that 4-Lo worked while in neutral, but when I selected four-Hi I’d hear the relay click on within the TCCM, the LED to the switch would flash on, but then it would go to 2WD.

Immediately after cleansing up the corrosion on all remaining wires, and cleansing out the principle connector, I stripped and hooked up new clips to the two damaged wires and trapped them in the leading connector. Alright, now I just need to ensure they don’t get pushed out when the connection is made… how?

It pretty very well may very well be a mechanical issue during the transfer circumstance resulting in the motor to attract excessive present and blow the fuse. Does the motor do the job nicely, when NOT attached to your transfer circumstance?

For those who look at the schematics, you are able to see the motor is simply “controlled” from the TCCM through signal wires. I assume it’s possible that if among the list of motor wires were to become shorted it may well induce harm to the TCCM — do I feel This can be the circumstance?

Daniel E Alkire suggests: March 14, 2008 at 12:34 pm Your information and facts has become quite handy, Thanks. My procedure is acting a little bit various than the postings I’ve read. My annunciator “Support Four Wheel Generate” will come on about two seconds after the ignition change is turned on then goes out when commencing the engine and arrives back again on the moment the engine is operating and the switch is released.

What it looks like, to me, can be a wiring dilemma — almost certainly between the encoder plus the TCCM (beneath the kick panel). Have you ever pulled the kick panel and experienced a look at the TCCM wiring (as pictured int he first put up of this blog site entry)?

Hmmm… doesn’t sound like a TCCM problem… Appears much more like an encoder motor challenge, or probably a transfer scenario difficulty.

Like I said, I will endeavor to make sure to get some extra pics — hopefully this will allow you to come across your module though! Regards;

I truly sat down to do some Focus on the positioning yesterday, in addition to updating my backup drive — that’s when the problems commenced. Anyway, prior to I transform this put up right into a rant… I possess the schematics sitting ideal in front of me, prepared to be scanned the moment I'm able to get this equipment restored.

Don't forget, grounds are Vital that they are Very good. I'd glance a little tougher at your motor electric power traces than anything — It will be People traces which the fuse can be blowing (I'd Imagine — however , you haven’t stated which fuse is blowing, plus the 4WD procedure has a number of them — I believe I posted them inside of a reply below somewhere!).

The encoder motor is the very first thing that involves brain. Yet again, I have not attempted this, but if it have been me, I would attempt to disconnect the encoder motor and check out once again news (this may not get the job done as the procedure may perhaps detect the unplugged encoder and not try out to have interaction 4WD — the sprint lights really should flash if it’s trying to engage 4WD). If you don’t blow a fuse While using the encoder motor replaced, you have discovered your issue — perfectly, form of. From there it could possibly be the motor alone, a Actual physical obstruction with the motor (the shaft may be frozen (corrosion) to your transfer scenario blocking the motor from relocating) or wiring concerning the encoder motor as well as the TCCM (a short from supply to floor).

I'm possessing a problem Using the four×4 on my 2001 Chev Blazer. I had been trying out your blogs and I picked up a few tips about the problem, but I even now can’t manage to get it way too do the job. At the beginning it was generating a clicking sound so I took it in into the store along with the mechanic managed for getting it to return into 2HI but ideal after that when I tried to switch from 2Hi to Automobile trak it went right back into 4 Hello.

The motorists aspect, front axle is usually engaged with the front diff — the travellers side, front axle is controlled from the vacuum switch, actuator and cable. The vacuum switch is a typical part to fail. There are 2 complications seeking to Get the auto into 4wd that has a unsuccessful vacuum change;

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